Cesar Geronimo and David Concepcion in flesh August 22nd. Learn more about pricing, ticket ordering, and plans for future signings.

Ticket Pricing

We know half of Cincinnati has an uncompleted Big Red Machine piece waiting on one signature. Well the time has finally come for a lot of people to finish years of work. Below you’ll find our pricing for Cesar Geronimo as well as our special guest, Dave Concepcion.

Ticket Ordering

As of right now the only way to order tickets is by calling our store at 513.489.3400 between 9am-5:30pm Monday thru Friday. We’re hoping to develop an online ordering system that will be up and running by the end of the week (7/23). When that’s ready the link will be in this paragraph so be sure to check back if you prefer to not to talk to a real person (we get it, no pressure).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limited tickets? The only tickets that will be limited are VIP Early Access tickets. Otherwise for normal tickets we will continue to sell tickets until everyone who wants and can afford an autograph gets it.

What’s the difference between VIP and a normal ticket? A VIP ticket’s main purpose is early entry. The main event will start at 12pm while VIP ticket holder will get in at 10:30am. There are however some wonderful perks we’ve added to make VIP more appealing. These include free food, non-alcoholic drinks, and seating during the event. In addition we are giving every VIP ticket holder a Store Discount Pass thru 11/30/21 that will provide 30% off ALL store merchandise, as well as 25% off custom framing services and photo lab services.

Will there be line numbers? No. We are doing a first come, first serve approach to both VIP and normal lines. We encourage any of our customers who are worried about the line to purchase a VIP ticket if possible.

Can you supply my baseball, bat, etc. for the signing at an additional price? Not really. Unfortunately with the supply problems the world is going through right now it is tough for us to get enough for ourselves, we cannot guarantee having enough for all of our customers. However we will have a limited number of supplies available for sale the day of but we will not be reserving product.

Can I get an inscription not listed here? Unfortunately not. In truth we do not feel comfortable offering personalized inscriptions to the massive amount of people coming to the event. Firstly it puts a lot of pressure on the players signing. Most people don’t realize how stressful unique inscriptions can be. Secondly, we don’t want to stall the lines for this incredibly in demand duo to provide this service. With unlimited ticket sales we want to ensure we’re able to deliver a quality product in a timely fashion and unfortunately custom inscriptions is too tall of an order for this signing.

Can I get a picture with one or more of the players? Yes! We will have a member of staff taking pictures of every signing (unless asked otherwise) with our high quality camera equipment. We’ll then be uploading the pictures (still figuring out the exact details of that) for you to grab free of charge whenever you would like them developed.

What do I do if I placed an order and want to add something? Just give us a call! When you do be sure to inform us that you have already placed an order so we can be sure all your things stay together.

Questions about Mail-Ins and Drop-Offs

I have a mail-in/drop-off item, do I need to pay the fee per order or per item? The fees associated with mail-in and drop-off products will apply per item. We understand for a lot of people this seems like a lot but please note that the fee stays the same no matter what kind of item you send us. While it may seem a lot for baseball cards it’s a pretty good deal for equipment. These fees will help us with proper staffing and ensuring your item is well taken care of throughout that hectic process.

What is the deadline for mail-ins and drop-offs? The deadline is the signing! We of course appreciate any and all early notice we can get. However we are not going to exclude your item because it doesn’t make it here by an arbitrary date or time.

Want to learn more about our future signings? You can check our events page here!

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