Upcoming CEI Sports Exclusive Signings

Good news everyone! CEI Sports is back with our first post-Covid public signing and you’re invited. We decided our first public signing back should be a big deal.

I think Cesar Geronimo and David Concepcion fit the bill for Summer’s Hottest Signing on Sunday, August 22nd.

We here at CEI Sports have looked at what Cincy currently has to offer for signings and has found it lacking. As Cincy’s Original Autograph store we’re ready to step back up to the plate. We hope that you’ll join us on this new chapter of our evolution in providing the best signing experience in the Midwest. With all that being said actions speak much louder than words. So join us in our first of many signing at CEI Sports Showroom and Gallery, you won’t regret it!

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For more on our Covid-19 safety protocols see our Covid-19 Safety Protocols