Since 1982 we have been the best valued sports memorabilia company in the Cincinnati tri-state area. Our consignment program has been specifically designed to accommodate the thousands of charitable auctions we’ve worked for with the best return on investment, flexibility, and straightforward process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

Call our store and schedule an appointment with our Auction Coordinator during our store hours. Come to our showroom to look over our products, discuss questions, and get advice. Once you’ve picked your items we will give you a finalized list including the minimum recommended bids. We’ll make plans about item pick up or delivery with possible set up (and how we’ll retrieve the items). After the event, once we have the items we’ll send you an invoice for the cost of the items you’ve sold.

To contact us by email at

Contact our Auction Coordinator directly at 513-489-3400 ext 11

What is the Covid-19 process?

We leave that up to you! You are more than welcome to come to our showroom as usual or if it’s more comfortable for you we can send you a cursory look at our products over email. From there, we can discuss what your demographics are for your event and provide a more thorough catalog of high resolution pictures of our products that can be used in a virtual auction. Beyond that the process is pretty much the same!

We’re having a virtual auction, can you help?

Yes. We’ve helped many online auctions through our consignment program. We take great photos of any product from CEI Sports you choose to include in your auction. We can then either give you the items if you’re having a broadcast or keep the items here. With the later once your event is over you will pick up your items that sold or drop off anything that didn’t.

What is the price advantage of CEI Sports?

Because of our close relationships with manufacturers and many famous athletes, we will always offer prices substantially below retail, so your charity earns more money. What’s more, our autographed items are guaranteed authentic, so there’s no worry about the value of auction items. We will have the best prices-guaranteed.

Does CEI Sports make donations?

Yes, but due to the large number of requests we receive for donated items, we developed our consignment system. This ultimately benefits charities, because it gives them the opportunity to auction numerous items, making a margin on each, rather than simply receiving a single item donated outright. We will consider donations on a case by case basis.

Can our auction be run by CEI Sports?

Yes! There is a cost associated with this that we would be happy to discuss during your consultation.

Do you offer delivery?

We also offer convenient setup and delivery with 30 miles of our location as long as the auction meets our minimum size for this service for a fee.

What kinds of things factor into bigger sales?

The right combination of products and prices, as well as a sense of what your guests like, all factor into your success. We can advise you on these issues when we work together. We have over 25 years experience developing products that sell in this market. Our consultation and advice will always be free of charge.

Can CEI Sports provide references?

Yes, upon request, we will be happy to forward contact information of past clients with characteristics similar to those of your organization. We have successfully completed 27 years of charitable fundraising and are a member of national organization called “The Association of Fundraising Professionals”. We have also worked directly with The Cincinnati Reds for many years.

What do you need to consider?

Plan to succeed, the saying goes, and it is especially true to ensure the success of your event. We strongly recommend that you determine the following and have your information ready when you contact us:

  • Your phone number and email address
  • Date, time and place of the event
  • Date you need to have auction items in hand
  • Budget allocated for auction items
  • Items from our inventory that best matches the theme or spirit of the event
  • Items that provide a range of price points to allow volume bidding on lower-priced items and one or more big-ticket items to intrigue higher bidders

Let us make your next charitable fundraising event a BIG success by using the hottest products in the sports and entertainment memorabilia from CEI Sports!

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